How many people does boat hold?

The boat is only allowed to have 6 passengers. We recommend for fishing trying to decrease that number if possible as it allows the best chance for everyone to catch one and for more space on the boat. We find trips that contain 4 passengers are a perfect amount but can easily accommodate 6 due to the size of the vessel being 35 feet.

Does the boat have a bathroom?

Yes, the boat has a fully functioning head.

What is included?

Chartering our vessel includes all bait and tackle. All you need to bring is a positive attitude and some food and drinks. We strongly recommend bringing sun protection and proper weather gear as well.

Is there alcohol allowed?

Yes, it is BYOB and we strongly urge beer and wine only and in limited quantities. Please no liquor and getting drunk aboard our vessel.

Does pricing include mate?

All trips generally have a mate however a 20%-30% gratuity is not included in the original charter price.

Do you clean our fish?

Yes, at no extra fee we include fish cleaning if fish are caught and kept on your trip!

How many hours should I book?

If you would like to give your best shot at catching fish we recommend doing at least a 6 hour trip.

Is it guaranteed we catch?

Absolutely not a guarantee….This is fishing not catching. We do our best to put fish on the deck but sometimes the fish just don’t want to cooperate…..

Where do we fish?

Western Long Island Sound anywhere from Norwalk CT and down to City Island BX…It depends on the time of the year and where we saw the last body of fish.

Do you go to Statue of Liberty or NYC?

We currently do not include NYC or any trips past the Throgs Neck Bridge as part of our offering.

What can we expect to catch?

Fist we want to stress again we are fishing so we do our best to catch fish. In terms of what species we target that is entirely up to you. We make a recommendation based upon the time of the year and what has been favorable that particular week. We generally have the ability to change species during the trip if time allows.  Example- If blues and striped bass fishing seems slow and you are on a 6 hour trip you can request to switch over to try some fluke fishing if time allows.

Is swimming allowed?

No, sorry swimming is not allowed.